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UPC: 0019434609712

About this item

Keep your loved ones close to your heart with a beautiful plated silver heart-shaped photo keychain! This classic piece of jewelry makes a perfect personalized gift for almost any special occasion. Showcase your favorite memories or photos of those special moments and let them travel with you wherever you go. The intuitive customization process lets you pick an image of your choice, so it could be pictures of family members, pets, or any other moment captured in time that reminds you of the important things in life! Enjoy having this unique memento securely attached to your keys no matter where life’s journey takes you! Celebrate the people you love by ordering a Plated Silver Heart-Shaped Photo Keychain today!

Silver Plated Heart Keychain:

  •  Personalize photo keychain with up to one photo
  •  Your photo is displayed on a polished, 1.85” wide x 1.6” tall photo charm
  • Your photo is protected by a glossy finish so it won’t scratch or fade
  • Ring measures 1.25” around