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Custom Color Collage

UPC: 0112999865013

About this item

Showcase your favorite photos with this Personalized Photo 5 × 7 Collage Print. Everyone has treasured memories that they want to remember forever, and now you can collect some of your favorites to hang on your wall or sit on your desk. Sometimes it’s just too hard to choose one perfect photo to hang, so now you can choose up to 20 of them and put them all on one personalized photo collage. This way you’ll be able to enjoy a whole series of photos epitomizing a particular event or time period or collection or people. The photo collage print is a 5 × 7, and each photo print can have up to 20 photos. Choose your favorite photos, orientation and add a caption at the top or bottom of the collage. Create a beautiful personalized photo collage print and cherish your memories forever. This collage print is a creative and fun way to display and share your favorite memories.

5×7 Collage Print, Glossy:

  • Available for 1-Hour pickup in Matte paper type
  • Personalize with up to 20 photos
  • Choose from over 20 border colors
  • Customize your photo collage print with a title