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UPC: 0113051794118

About this item

Easily personalize your home decor today with this fun 5 × 5 Same-Day Mounted Photo. You can order these pictures and pick them up the same day at your local Walmart store. Use your favorite images to create beautiful art to display on your walls. The photo mount has a 3/4 in black edge and a durable mounting board that is ready to hang or stand on a table. You can create a contemporary montage by putting multiple pieces together. Enjoy creating themed looks based around your family and friends. Each mounted photo print is a work of art, and when they are put together the impact is even stronger. These prints are suitable to place in any room in your house. They make wonderful gifts for important people in your life for birthdays, holidays or most any special occasion. They are available in 5 × 5, 5 × 7, 8 × 8 and 8 × 10 sizes.

5×5 Same-Day Mounted Photo:

  • Available in 5 × 5, 5 × 7, 8 × 8, and 8 × 10 size options
  • 3/4 in mounting board with finished back and brushed black edge
  • Create a contemporary photo montage by displaying multiple mounted photos together
  • Photo mount is ready to hang on wall with pre-drilled hole on each side or display on table/shelf with included stand
  • Order and pickup free same day at your local Walmart store
  • Currently unavailable for home delivery