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Custom Color Collage

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Home Delivery (3 - 5 Business Days)
1 Hour Photo
Site To Store (5 - 8 Business Days)

From $0.15

Home Delivery (3 - 5 Business Days)
1 Hour Photo
Site To Store (5 - 8 Business Days)

From $0.15

About this Item
Can’t choose just one of your favorite pictures to print? No problem! Customize a Photo Collage Print to feature all of your favorite photos! Walmart’s custom collar prints maker allows you to choose up to 23 pictures, personalize with text, select a border color to create your own unique collage photo print. These collage photos are available in 4×6, 5×7, 8×10. They come in a glossy or matte finish (1-Hour Collage Prints are only available in matte). These custom collage prints are printed on high quality Fujifilm photo paper.

Photo Collage Prints

  • Choose up to 23 pictures
  • Customize with a title or text
  • Choose a border color
  • Available in 4″×6″, 5″×7″, and 8″×10″
  • Choose from a glossy, matte finish (gloss is not available in 1-Hour)
  • Printed on high quality Fujifilm photo paper
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Price (ea)
Price (ea)
Price (ea)
4x6 Collage Print, Glossy--1+$0.151+$0.15
4x6 Collage Print, Matte1+$0.251+$0.151+$0.15
5x7 Collage Print, Glossy--1+$0.881+$0.88
5x7 Collage Print, Matte1+$1.441+$0.881+$0.88
8x10 Collage Print, Glossy--1+$2.941+$2.94
8x10 Collage Print, Matte1+$2.841+$2.941+$2.94