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Home Delivery (3 - 5 Business Days)
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About this item

Take your favorite image everywhere you go on this Classic Custom Photo Keychain. You can personalize it with a photo of your choice. To keep your photo protected, the personalized photo keychain is displayed on a polished, charm and it is encased by a glossy finish so it will not scratch or fade. In addition to the photo, place your keys directly on the thick ring or add smaller key rings to it. You can also thread it through and add a stylish touch to the zipper of a backpack or another item With a favorite image displayed on it, this metal photo keychain can make a touching gift for your friends and loved ones for a lasting remembrance of a moment you shared. Use it to create a unique party favor, event token or small holiday gift. Find an image that each person in your family likes and create a way for each of them to finally have a fool-proof way to differentiate everybody’s keys.