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UPC: 0112996980690

About this item

This 4.25×6 Postcard is created using a photo of your choice, allowing you to send an image of a special moment to a special person. On the back is a place to put your stamp as well as an area to write a personalized message to a friend or loved one. A variety of font styles and colors are available to choose from, letting you make the message uniquely your own and helping it to stand out. The front of this personalized post card can be decorated not only with a photo, but also a border with a colorful design. Get one to send to a friend or several to send to multiple special people in your life. The photos can be set in either landscape or portrait orientation.

4.25×6 Postcard :

  • Minimum recommended resolution for a 4.25 × 6 photo postcard is 900 × 638 pixels
  • Photos can be placed in landscape or horizontal position
  • Variety of font styles and colors are available