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When Time Stood Still Invite

UPC: 0113006518556

About this item

Create your own 5×5 Stationary Cards to celebrate or publicize most any occasion or event. Choose from different themes such as a party, birthday, wedding, graduation, baby shower and sports. The personalized greeting cards can be further customized with existing text or with a message you want to share for any purpose. You’ll make a grand impression at home or work with these cards. The cards have a unique square design and your full-color photo will be even more eye-catching. You also have the choice of selecting no themes or text and simply having the entire card featuring the photo. They are printed on high-quality card stock. These cards have a stationary matte finish and comes with an envelope. With these fully customizable photo greeting cards, you can successfully tackle small and large projects and convey a professional image.

5×5 Card Stock, Blank Envelope:

  • Printed on high-quality cardstock
  • Personalized greeting card measures 5x 5
  • Includes envelopes
  • Card has a stationery matte finish
  • Customize your card design with photos and a personal message
  • Printed on 110 lb weight cardstock
  • Envelope measures 5.25×5.25
  • Envelope made of white 100 percent PCW, 80 lb weight paper
  • Additional postage required for square cards