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Custom Color Collage

UPC: 0469797388372

About this item

Personalize your wall art with a professionally-made 11×14 Photo Canvas with Floating Frame. Not too big and not too small, an 11×14 Canvas fits in anywhere and is just the right gift size for family and friends. Your photos will look amazing in vivid colors and crisp detail. Featuring a 1.75" deep float frame around warp resistant canvas, your 11×14 Photo Canvas with Floating Frame will transform any photo into sleek, modern wall art. Available in black, white, or walnut finishes, each canvas comes with pre-installed hanging hardware, so it’s super-easy to display. Even better in pairs!

11×14 Collage Canvas With Floating Frame:

  • Museum Quality Canvas
  • Vivid Colors and Crisp Detail
  • Hanging Hardware Pre-installed
  • Three frame options (Black, White, Walnut)